The company

Único Vinagres y Salsas, S.L.L. is constituted on the initiative of five workers of Crismona, S.A., based on the soleras, facilities and experience

Único has Soleras dating over fifty years old they had been the pioneers in Spain in the development of Pedro Ximenez Sweet Vinegars, as well as reductions in both Pedro Ximenez sweet wine and the various vinegars of our range.

The vinegars we elaborate come exclusively from healthy wines that have been previously submitted to biological aging or oxidative aging in American oak casks.


The origins of our vinegars date back to 1923, the date on which the first vinegar solera was established, which was called “Conmemoración”. Fino and Olorosos wines raised in casks, whose high degree of acidity made them ideal for the production of vinegars.

Subsequently, in 1951 another vinegar vineyard was established on the La Valeriana estate, which was called “La Valeriana”, today a Gran Reserva. The composition of the above mentioned Solera was decided by tasting, and for this, for each Bordeaux barrels of “Commemoration”, two 10º acetic vinegar boots were obtained, obtained mainly by natural acetification in boots, up to about 6º, and the rest by acetification in a fermenter, always using wines from soleras.

And later...

In 1988 the first Pedro Ximenez sweet wine vinegar was presented at the Anuga international fair. On more current dates, 2004 the company developed the Pedro Ximenez, Moscatel vinegar and Pedro Ximenez wine reductions, in which we were pioneers too.

Nowadays, Único Vinagres y Salsas remains committed mainly to offering the consumer products of the highest quality, as well as research and development of new products.

Unico Vinagres y Salsas, S.L.L. ha recibido una ayuda de la Unión Europea con cargo al Programa Operativo FEDER de Andalucía 2014-2020, financiada como parte de la respuesta de la Unión a la pandemia de COVID-19 (REACT-UE), para compensar el sobrecoste energético de gas natural y/o electricidad a pymes y autónomos especialmente afectados por el incremento de los precios del gas natural y la electricidad provocados por el impacto de la guerra de agresión de Rusia contra Ucrania.

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