Balsamic of Pedro Ximénez Reserva 12

GRAN VINAVIN ORO Award, SPECIAL AWARD OF CÓRDOBA DIPUTACIÓN, in the International Vinegars Competition 2018

It is high quality vinegar made following the oxidative fermentation method and with subsequent aging in American oak boots for at least two years. This vinegar is qualified by the Protected Denomination of Origin Montilla-Moriles, since its ingredients are certified by said PDO, to which is added concentrated wort from raisined grapes (obtained not from freshly cut and fresh grapes but from grapes sunny, that is, raisin) of the Pedro Ximénez variety, exclusive to the area where the winery is located, in the heart of the Montilla-Moriles Protected Designation of Origin. This wort is certified by the PDO Montilla-Moriles and is only produced in the area regulated by the DOP, it is concentrated over very low heat in an almost traditional way, and this is what transfers that sweet flavor to the vinegar.


The Balsamic Vinegar of P.X. with the Montilla-Moriles Protected Designation of Origin, appears to be very dark, clean and bright mahogany color. In olfactory tasting notes it is tasty and very rich in nuances; it is extraordinarily aromatic, reminiscent of aging in American oak, along with a harmonious combination of aromas of dried fruits: Walnuts, figs, raisins, dates, etc., and in the mouth has a sweet and sour balance that makes it an amazing vinegar.


As a dressing it is perfect to rekindle the flavor of any dish, especially game meat, duck and veal, as well as baked vegetables. The vinegar is Ideal as a side dish in salads with tender sprouts, nuts and cheeses.

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